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Students' Testimonial
Hou Chaoping  
Centre of MBA Studies

"UTAR provides me with diverse learning resources and abundant foreign exchange opportunities. The strong academic atmosphere and beautiful environment attract me to stay back and pursue my MBA. I believe that international vision and proficiency in English I learned will become my most advantageous assets in the future."

Anja Maria Bodensteiner  
Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology

"It is an experience of a life time. It is truly welcoming to learn a new language and to experience new cultures. UTAR has provided me with fresh insights and progressive perspectives, and I learn new things every day."  

Ileladewa Oluwatimihin Adekunle
Faculty of Information and Communication Technology

"This is an opportunity for a change in my life in a foreign country and in a completely different environment. I am looking forward to a rewarding environment to learn and experience new cultures and insights in Malaysia."

Karyn Denise Dula Magno  
Faculty of Arts and Social Science

"I chose UTAR because it is one of the few universities in Malaysia that offers a degree in Journalism. UTAR has a wider range of subjects which helps you not only at your course but also when you step out into the working world. They make you experience the course, not just merely teaching it."

Kiran Saba Anwar
Faculty of Arts and Social Science

"The main reason for selecting UTAR is because of its high standard of teaching quality, state-of-the-art facilities including the library and academic buildings. And the degrees are designed in a way that it ensures the students are equipped with the cutting-edge skills and knowledge they need to secure a position in their chosen profession." 

Seifaddin Zeyad Mahmoud Hararah
Faculty of Science

"I choose UTAR because UTAR is one of the eight Malaysian universities to get into the THE World University Rankings 2018 Top 1,000 list. Therefore, I am confident that I am receiving a quality education here in UTAR, Malaysia."
Yin Shiqiang  
Institute of Chinese Studies

"Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, religions and food. I have learnt to appreciate the uniqueness and respect the differences and the similarities among the Malaysian citizens. The most interesting aspect of Malaysia is the concept of oneness where Malaysians celebrate all the festivals together."
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