Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

Kampar – Malaysia’s First University Town

Flash forward ten years and a new image leaps into awareness. Kampar is UTAR or University Tunku Abdul Rahman with its wide and spacious campus grounds, a wide expanse of lake with young student cyclists whizzing past every few minutes. But this is not the original Kampar of memory but Bandar Baru Kampar or Kampar New Town located north of the old town.  

19 places of interest in Kampar    


 One outstanding fact about Kampar is its food offering. To say the town is a foodie haven is an understatement! 

Just ten years ago when anyone mentioned Kampar, the only images that came to mind were claypot chicken rice, Kampar chicken biscuits and the hills that run parallel on the east side to the main street of town.  

Kampar’s dizzying array of food offering caters to the tastebuds of people of all races with differing preferences. Indeed, some original Kampar fare has become synonymous with the town and have become known to tourists as far as Singapore!


A 20-minutes drive away from Bandar Agacia is the town of Tanjung Tualang. Besides hosting the only whole tin dredge in Malaysia with 95% of its parts intact, the town is well-loved for its giant freshwater prawns. Well-known among local tourists and tour operators, so famous is the town that is also called Pekan Udang Galah. These succulent critters are either bred in ponds or caught in rivers in the surrounding area. Naturally, there are numerous restaurants in the town which specialise in a variety of prawn dishes to cater to customers from as far away as Ipoh. 


Besides exotic local and traditional fare, Kampar has no shortage of eateries to satisfy the craving for modern food. On top of adding variety to food choice, some of these restaurants provide 24-hour service so that at any time hunger strikes, you can be assured of satisfying it in minutes!