Online Teaching and Learning for May 2020 Trimester


In line with the announcement by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) on 20 March 2020 that Online Teaching and Learning is allowed, UTAR has implemented Online Teaching and Learning thereafter via UTAR’s Web Based Learning Environment and other supporting interactive video communication channels such as Microsoft Teams.  


Apart from the e-Orientation which shall be conducted online from 15 May 2020 at e-orientation.utar.edu.my, Online Teaching and Learning shall continue to be provided to new and existing students moving into the May 2020 Trimester, which shall start from 1 June 2020 for Foundation Programmes and 15 June 2020 for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes.


Once the Movement Control Order (MCO) is lifted and after the MOHE has announced that students are allowed to return to campus, students need not return to campus immediately until further instructions from the University.  Students will be notified in advance (about 4 weeks’ of notice) on the date of return to campus so that sufficient time is given for students to make preparations for travel and accommodation arrangements before commencing classes on campus.  The returning of students to campus will be in stages and by batches beginning with smaller groups of students. Students who are required to attend physical lab classes or clinical training as required by professional bodies will be arranged to return to campus at the initial stage, keeping the number of students on campus to a minimum group.


During this whole process, safety and health precautions and social distancing in accordance to the standard operating procedures set by the government will be followed strictly. E-learning resources will continue to be made available to students for Online Teaching and Learning. Please do note that the arrangement is subject to MOHE’s decision and announcement on when students can return to campus.


During the period when the students are returning to the campus in batches, Online Teaching and Learning shall continue to be provided until the end of the trimester. The programme course materials for those courses with face-to-face teaching after students are allowed to return to campus, will also continue to be made available on-line for students who are unable to return to campus due to personal or unforeseen reasons.


UTAR will ensure that the instructions issued by the MOHE and MOH are properly adhered to and strictly executed to ensure the overall health and safety of staff and students on campus.


We look forward to your participation to our e-Orientation and joining the UTAR family in the coming weeks.


Stay safe and be healthy.


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