SPM Workshop 2023

A team of passionate lecturers of UTAR Centre for Foundation Studies is organising a workshop on key SPM subjects to provide additional support to current Form 5 students in their understanding of key topics and preparation for the upcoming SPM examination. The programme will be conducted virtually and can be accessed from the comfort of home.  

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Sains Komputer

9 Dec (Sat) I 9am-10.30am 

Bengkel ini membincangkan semua jenis soalan yang akan diuji dalam Kertas 1 dan memberi penekanan dalam teknik menjawab soalan.

Ms Cindy Yeoh


9 Dec (Sat)   I 11am - 1pm  

This workshop will discuss trial exam papers from different states. The topics covered are Consumer Mathematics (Insurance and Taxation), Transformation and Mathematics Modeling.


Mr Foo Heng Yen


9 Dec (Sat) I 2pm - 4pm 

A quick overview of format (Paper 2) and tips on how to answer all three sections effectively will be carried out during the workshop.


Ms Christina a/p John
Ms Anussyia a/p Muthiah

Additional Mathematics   

16 Dec (Sat) I 8.30am-10.30am

Knowledge of kinematics is important to solve problems in the fields of engineering, robotics, biomechanics, sports science and astronomical science. It assists us with problems associated with time, velocity and acceleration.

Permutations and combinations are used in determining the number of possible ways to arrange and select the objects which are extensively useful in the field of engineering, computer science, biomedical, social sciences and business.


Ms Kong Jee Kim

Mr Abdolrasool Taghvaee


16 Dec (Sat) I 11am - 12.30pm  

Bengkel ini membincangkan semua jenis soalan yang akan diuji dalam Kertas 2 dan memberi penekanan dalam teknik menjawab soalan.


Puan Noor Shafryna Binti Salleh


16 Dec (Sat) I 11am - 1pm  

A quick review of format and tips on how to tackle selected topics effectively.


Ms Nabilah Binti Abdul Aleem Sidek

Ms Ting Jen Ching

16 Dec (Sat)  I 2pm - 4pm     
Bengkel ini akan membincang contoh soalan percubaaan SPM serta mengajar pelajar teknik menjawab soalan ekonomi


Ms Ngo Siau Woon
Ms Anusuya a/p Ravindran


17 Dec (Sun) I 8.30am-10.30am  

This workshop will focus on Force & Motion and Electromagnetism.


Puan Nur Amalina Hafiza Binti Ahmad Nizar

Ms Tan Zhen Jee

17 Dec (Sun) I 11am - 1pm  

A quick overview of Redox Equilibrium and Thermochemistry. The facilitators will briefly summarise these topics and guide participants on answering techniques.


Mr Law Soon Pin
Ms Precilla a/p Rovat @ Robert

A Successful Tomorrow Belongs to Those Who Prepare Today.

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