Final SPM Acceleration for Form 5 Students

SPM Acceleration Programme

A team of passionate lecturers of UTAR Centre for Foundation Studies is organising an acceleration programme on key SPM subjects to provide additional support to current Form 5 students in their understanding of key topics and preparation for the upcoming SPM examination. The programme will be conducted virtually and can be accessed from the safety and comfort of home.  


23 Nov 2020 I 8.00 pm-10.00 pm 

This session will discuss Form 4 topic on Light and Form 5 topics on Electromagnetism and Electronics. Students will be taught on problem solving and concepts based on questions prepared. Students are advised to prepare foolscap papers prior to attending this session.  


Ms Tan Zhen Jee, Lecturer


Principles of Accounting 

24 Nov 2020 I 8.00 pm-10.00 pm  

Pengenalan konsep dan prinsip perakaunan asas dalam catatan perakaunan yang ditetapkan oleh badan berkanun. Memahami jenis-jenis transaksi di dalam perniagaan dan mengklasifikasikan transaksi mengikut kategori perakaunan. 


Puan Haslina binti Ahmad Fauzi, Lecturer



25 Nov 2020 I 8.00 pm-10.00 pm  

Two form 5 topics will be selected in this discussion which include redox (reduction and oxidation) reaction and thermochemistry. In this session, presenters will go through the questions prepared and guide students to answer.


Mr Law Soon Pin, Lecturer
Ms Precilla a/p Rovat @ Robert, Lecturer


26 Nov 2020 I 8.00 pm-10.00 pm  

The structure and function of biological components are interrelated. Along this section, students will have more understanding on cell biology and organization, reproduction as well as nutrition and digestion. Students are advised to prepare A4 papers prior to attending this session.  


Puan Norkhalidah Binti Jamali, Lecturer
Ms Heng Sze Lu, Lecturer

General Science  

27 Nov 2020 I 8.00 pm-10.00 pm  

Pelajar dapat mempelajari kemahiran-kemahiran umpamanya, pemerhatian, pengkelasan, mengukur dan menggunakan angka, memberikan kesimpulan/sebab, jangkaan/ramalan, komunikasi: graf, jadual, menggunakan hubungan ruang masa, penjelasan kepada data, definisi secara operasi, mengawal pembolehubah, menyatakan hipotesis, soalan mengeksperimen, mengkonsepsi, membuat keputusan, penyelesaian masalah.  


Mr Lim Chee Siong, Lecturer



28 Nov 2020 I 9.00 am-1.00 pm    

This section comprises a few form 5 topics in the discussion such as Graph and Functions, Transformations, Plan and Elevation, Earth as a Sphere and a form 4 topic, Statistics. Under this session, facilitators will mainly go through the questions prepared and guide students to answer step by step. Students are advised to prepare foolscap papers and graph papers prior to attending this session.   


Mr Foo Heng Yen, Lecturer

Mr Abdolrasool Taghvaee, Lecturer


English Writing for SPM (Part 1)  

28 Nov 2020 I 2.00 pm-4.00 pm  

This session focuses on Directed Writing (Paper 1: Section A) with a step-by-step guide provided based on the various formats covered as part of the curriculum. The facilitator will also brief participants on effective ways to construct the necessary body paragraphs required in format-based writing.  


Mr Lionel Keith Vytialingam, Lecturer


Additional Mathematics   

29 Nov 2020 I 9.00 am-1.00 pm    

This session will provide participants with the answering techniques on selected chapters namely DifferentiationIntegration and Probability Distributions.   


Mr Khoo Kah Yeang, Lecturer

Ms Kong Jee Kim, Senior Lecturer

Ms Pua Gaik Hong, Senior Lecturer


English Writing for SPM (Part 2)  

29 Nov 2020 I 2.00 pm-4.00 pm  

This session focuses on Continuous Writing (Paper 1: Section B) with coverage given to factual and argumentative writing. In addition to briefing students on the necessary requirements of the factual essay and argumentative essay genres, the facilitator will provide an in-depth guide on: (i) creating an essay answer plan, and (ii) building a complete essay answer from the essay answer plan.  


Mr Lionel Keith Vytialingam, Lecturer