Student Mobility Programmes

International students in UTAR, are encouraged to participate in student clubs and societies to enrich their social life, develop their interests and potential, and make friends while studying at UTAR.

There are a wide range of activities which international students may participate such as Speaker's Corner session, UTAR New Village Community Project, Leadership Skills, Overseas Study Tour and Cultural Learning Programmes etc. 

Overseas Study Tour

Guiling University of Technology, China
Aichi Gakuin University, Japan
Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Japan
Inje University, Korea

New Village Community Project

Sungai Burong, Perak
Ayer Tawar, Perak
Kuala Sepetang, Perak
Kuala Kulau, Perak

Culture Learning Programmes

Dance Competition, 
Huai Yin Institute of Technology China
Malay Culture Booth, 
Manuel S. Enverga University
Making Wau,
Jissen University
Learn Play Congkak, 
Huai Yin Institute of Technology China

Speaker's Corner

How is Kenya Like
Real Wealth is not Measured in Money and Possessions
Shop Smart, Save Your Money
Life in University
Explore the World -
UTAR Student Exchange Programme
Mandarin Enhancement Programme

Josai University 
Study Tour and Industrial Exposure