Study Mode for New Students (For January 2021 Trimester) 

Last update on 13 December 2020 

1. When my classes start?

Your classes will start on 18 January 2021. 

2. When is my orientation?

Your orientation will be done virtually through e-orientation.utar.edu.my. You may access to the e-orientation platform starting from 4 January 2021 at 8.30am.

3. What is the study mode?

For January 2021 trimester, you have a choice of attending: 

 (a) Online teaching and learning, or 
 (b) Come to campus with blended learning, i.e., some classes are done physically and some online.

4. Which classes are done physically or online?

All lecture classes will be conducted ONLINE only.  Practical and tutorial classes are available in EITHER ONLINE OR PHYSICAL* 

For Tutorials / Practical classes:
I. Physical classes originally intended for students who choose to return to campus will be conducted via OTL mode from 18/1/2021 - 28/2/2021, while Physical mode will resume from 1/3/2021 onwards.
II. Students who have chosen the Online mode will continue with classes remotely using OTL mode for the entire duration of the January 2021 Trimester

*There are some courses (subjects) with compulsory physical practical sessions or tutorials required by the professional body or faculty. In this case, you need to return to campus for these courses. Please refer to the list of compulsory courses in Table 1 (pages 7-9) of our latest announcement on 6 January 2021 HERE.

5. How should I inform University of my preferred choice of study mode?

Upon payment of the student bill , you can access to UTAR Admission Status Application System to confirm your study mode and subssequently obtain your course timetable via this link http://www2.utar.edu.my/admStatus/login.jsp (process to the "Confirmation of Academic Study Mode" tab on the left hand side) . 

It is IMPORTANT that you contact your Faculty General Offie if you have any query with regards to your study mode and course timetable. Please find your faculty contact HERE.

7. Should I return to campus if all my courses are delivered through online?

You are not required to come to campus until further notification is given.

8. What should I do if I am totally not able to return to campus for courses with online teaching and learning are not available?

If you are not able to return to campus due to unavoidable reasons, please apply to your respective Faculty Dean with the appropriate reason(s) for approval to fulfil this requirement later. Please find your faculty contact HERE.

9. How the examination will be conducted?

Remote Examination will be implemented including Continuous Assessments (i.e., tests and assignments) and Final Assessments (i.e., time-restricted open-ended assessments and online examinations)

9. Students coming from red zone (New) 

Students (local and international) in Malaysia who are returning to campus MUST check whether your current location is categorised as the Red Zone of COVID-19 Pandemic by the Ministry of Health (via MOH official website http://covid-19.moh.gov.my/z). If travelling from Red Zones, students must undergo the process of self-quarantine / home surveillance for 10 days in advance, prior to returning to the campus.
Respective faculties, centre, DSA and DISS will coordinate to monitor this. 


The conduct of all essential physical hands-on classes and activities in the campuses or the use of campus infrastructures and facilities, will follow all the health and safety SOPs as per MOHE and the relevant authorities, as well as the physical distancing SOPs issued by the University. 

Any changes/updates to the above arrangements will be announced from time to time, in accordance to the latest directives from MOHE, professional bodies and relevant authorities.