Admissions and Recruitment FAQs (For October 2020 Intake)

Last update on 14 October 2020

UTAR is keeping abreast of the COVID-19 situation and has taken additional steps to minimise its potential impact on our students, employees, and other stakeholdersWe understand that new changes have brought uncertainties to many students and parents on the admissions to the University. At UTAR, we put together some key FAQs to guide your application of admission to UTAR. 


1. What programmes UTAR offers? 

2. Are UTAR programmes recognised? 

All UTAR programmes are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and most of them have obtained full accreditation status from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). UTAR also ensures the quality of its programmes through rigorous audits and discussions with Malaysian and international advisors, external examiners, industry leaders, and stringent certification and accreditation processes by more than 20 international and Malaysian professional bodies. 


3. How many intakes in a year? 
Most programmes have 3 intakes per year, i.e. January, May and October. 
Some programmes have only 1 intake (e.g. MBBS) or 2 intakes (Architecture, Nursing etc). 

4. When is the next intake? 

The next intake commences on 

Foundation                                                    :    18 January 2021   

Undergraduate                                              :    26 October 2020 / 18 January 2021    

Postgraduate by Coursework/Mixed Mode   :    26 October 2020 / 18 January 2021   

Postgraduate by Research)                          :    Open throughout the year     

5. How many semesters in a year? 

3 trimesters in a year
Please refer to the latest UTAR Academic Calendar for the trimester dates as well as the breakdown of academic activities (e.g. teaching weeks, study weeks, exam weeks and breaks). 

6. How long is the break in between each trimester? 
Usually 2-3 weeks. Please refer to the latest UTAR Academic Calendar for the dates 

 Entry Requirement 

7. What is the general entry requirement? 

Admission to UTAR is purely on meritocratic basis. You are expected to satisfy the academic qualification and English Language requirement set by the University. 

Some programmes may have additional requirements such as submission of a drawing portfolio, and/or an interview before the University decides on the admission. Please refer to the specific programme entry requirement at: 

8. I do not have any formal academic qualification, can I apply? 

Malaysian applicants may apply for admission to UTAR through Accreditation for Prior Experiential Learning, APEL(A). It provides an ‘alternative’ entry method to those who do not possess the requisite formal qualification to further their education to a higher level.  

Interested applicant (must be 21 years and above) may apply for APEL(A) assessment through Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) website where successful applicants will be awarded the APEL(A) certificate by MQA for admission to higher educator providers in Malaysia.

9. I have some prior working experience and/or have attended other short courses relevant to the courses in your programme, can I apply for credit exemptions? 

Yes, you can apply based on your relevant knowledge and skills acquired through non-formal work-related learning experience and informal training courses through APEL(C). This is the award of credits for the prior experiential learning towards a course in an accredited programme of higher education provider in Malaysia.  

UTAR is the appointed APEL(C) Centre. For more details, please refer to APEL(C) FAQ. 

10. Can I apply if I have a Diploma from other higher learning provider? 

Yes, you will be considered for admission on a case-to-case basis for credit transfer (vertical transfer). Please submit your official application for admission together with the supporting documents as listed in Step 2 of How to Apply. 

 Application for admission

11. How can I apply? 

Malaysian studentYou can apply for the admission to Foundation and Undergraduate Programmes via UTAR Online Application Portal. For Postgraduate Programmes, please download the application form HERE 

International studentYou can apply for the admission to Foundation and Undergraduate Programmes via UTAR Online Application PortalFor Postgraduate Programmes, please download the application form HERE. Alternatively, you can make your application through our appointed recruitment representatives (also known as agents) at your home country. 

12. When is the deadline for applicants? 

Malaysian student: You are advised to apply for admission as early as possible before the scheduled intake after you have carefully considered your choice as places for some programmes are limited.  

International student: You are advised to apply for admission 3 months in advance of a scheduled intake.  

13. How can I know my application status? 

Malaysian student: Division of Admissions and Credit Evaluation (DACE) will notify your application status by SMS within 7 working days after the receipt of duly completed application with the payment of RM60.00 and for straightforward case onlyAt the same time, we will update your application status at UTAR website under Admission Status Enquiry 

If you do not receive any update from us, please email us at admission@utar.edu.my or call 6016-2233562 (Kampar Campus)/ 6018-2953100 (Sungai Long Campus).  

International student: Division of Admissions and Credit Evaluation (DACE) will notify your application status by email within 10 working days after the receipt of duly completed application with payment of US$100.00 and for straightforward case onlyWe will update your application status at UTAR website under Admission Status Enquiry. If you do not receive any update from us, please email us at admission@utar.edu.my. 

14. Where can I get my offer letter and student bills to make payment?
You can download the admission documents from UTAR website at Admission Status Enquiry.

15. What should I do if I wish to change programme/intake/campus during the application process?
Please send your official request by email to the Division of Admissions and Credit Evaluation (DACE) at admission@utar.edu.my.

16. Can I still submit my application to UTAR if my final exams (e.g. Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge O Level/A Level, IB, etc) have been cancelled?
We will consider your application and provide you a conditional offer of admission if you are able to submit your latest school exam results at this moment, subject to fulfilling programme entry requirements. Please be reminded that you are still required to submit your official result to receive the formal offer of admission. 

17. Can I apply if I have not received my diploma certificate due to the current pandemic situation?  
You can apply as long as you have obtained the Senate letter from your College testifying that you have graduated. We will consider your application by giving a conditional offer subject to you obtaining the final certificate later after the intake. 

18. What if I am not able to take an English language test as the test centre is closed? 
Malaysian students: Certain Bachelor's degree Programmes like Accounting, Biomedical Science, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Nursing, Medicine, Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health require specific English language test band/scores of MUET/IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/equivalent for admission as required by MQA Programme Standards. If you are applying to one of these programmes, you will be given a conditional offer of admission with a condition that you are to register and pass the MUET/IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/equivalent with required band/score within 6 months. Failure to meet this condition will result in you being transferred to another suitable Bachelor's degree programme.  

For other Bachelor's degree Programmes with no specific English language requirements by MQA Programme Standards, you need to fulfil the UTAR English language requirements (Malaysian Students) for programme admission. In the event if you do not meet the UTAR English language requirements, you are required to undergo and pass the UTAR English Enhancement Programme (EEP) before joining the degree programmes.  

International students: If you do not possess the required score in any one of the international English language tests (IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/MUET/equivalent), you will be considered for a conditional offer of admission. Under this condition, you will undergo the UTAR English Enhancement Programme (EEP) and at the same time you need to register and pass the IELTS or other recognised international English Language examination with the required test score within 1 year after arriving in Malaysia.

19. Are there any restrictions being placed on international applicants for admission?
If you encounter admission issues such as unable to certify the application supporting documents, we will facilitate the process at our best level. 

20. Will the University make any changes to document submission criteria for admission? 
The University understands that many communities may be experiencing movement restriction. Hence, you can submit the supporting documents as listed in the application form of admission without certification. 

21. When should I submit the declaration form, health examination report and other documents as required for registration
You can submit the required documents or forms when you are physically return to the campus as per MOHE guidelines and directive. If you return to campus, please give the documents to the Division of Admissions and Credit Evaluation (DACE). 

 Student Visa (For International Students) 

22. What should I do after I have received the offer of admission and student bill? 
In order to register as a UTAR student, you need to accept the offer of admission by paying the fees in full amount as stipulated on the student bill on or before the due date. Once your fee payment has been successfully received by the University, the Department of International Student Services (DISS) will apply for student visa through the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) in Malaysia. 

23. Can I change my programme of study? 
We advise you to consider your choice of programme carefully before submitting your application of admission. You should avoid changing your programme once you have accepted the offer and for us to apply for your e-Student Approval Letter (eVAL). Should you decided to change, you are required to re-apply for a new Student Pass and pay all the relevant EMGS and immigration charges again.  Please contact the Department of International Student Services should you have decided to change your programme of study at diss@utar.edu.my. 

24. How long it takes to get my eVAL? 
Usually 3 weeks in normal circumstance.  

25. Can I enter to Malaysia during this pandemic situation?

Yes, you can enter to Malaysia but you need to obtain the travel approval from the Malaysian Immigration Department first. To obtain the approval, please read through the travel notice carefully and submit your travel authorisation application HERE

IMPORTANT: Please discuss with our Department of International Services (DISS) before you purchase flight ticket. 

 Class Commencement 

26. Can I start my classes? 

In view of the current Covid-19 situation, all the lecture classes and physical classes (tutorial/practical/laboratory sessions) shall be conducted online from 5 October 2020 via Online Teaching and Learning (OTL) mode until further notice.  

 Fee Payment 

27. How should I make the payment on student bill? 
Malaysian students: You can pay your fees through JomPay or Public Bank’s Internet Banking, without you physically going to the bank, post office or at the Division of Finance in UTAR. You are not required to send the receipt to us once payment is done.

International students: You can pay your fees from your home country in your local currency and by credit card through Flywire. Please login to utartuition.flywire.com, select 'Student Bill Payment - New Student' and follow the instructions to complete the payment process. Flywire may take at least 3 working days from the delivered date to process the payment. Please email your payment recipient to diss@utar.edu.my once payment is done. 

28. How to use Jompay to pay my student bill? 

If you have online or mobile banking facility at your bank in Malaysia, you can pay your student bill through JomPayPlease enter the JomPay Biller Code and Reference Number (Ref-1) stated on your student bill form your Current, Savings or Credit Card account.  


Please take note that the bank takes 3 working days (including transaction day) to process the payment. No service fee will be charged by the bank.   

29. How about payment through Public Bank's Internet Banking Service? 

If you have Public Bank’s internet banking service, please log on to www.pbebank.com.my for instruction and payment. Please click ‘Payment’, then ‘Bill Payment’ and select ‘UTAR-Bill Payment’ from the ‘Corporate Code’ drop-down menu. Enter the information printed on the physical UTAR Student Bill under ‘Bank Ref (1)’ and ‘Bank Ref (2)’ headings in the ‘Bank Reference 1’ and ‘Bank Reference 2’ fields respectively. You will be able to view more details of your student bill and to proceed for payment.

Please take note that the bank takes 2 working day (including transaction day) to process the payment. A service fee will be charged by the Bank.    

30. Can I pay my student bill in campus? 
You can pay your student bill at the Division of Finance from Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm. Please present your original copy of student bill with either by cheque/bank draft made payable to UNIVERSITI TUNKU ADBDUL RAHMAN or by Public Bank’s credit/debit cards.  Payment in cash is NOT acceptable at the counter  

31. If I have missed the deadline for the payment of fees. Can I still pay?  
You can send in your appeal for late registration to admission@utar.edu.my. The outcome of the appeals depends upon the availability of places. 

32. Can I get my fees refunded if I wish to withdraw from UTAR?  

If you withdraw from your programme of study before the commencement date of the programme, there will be a 70% refund of tuition fees and full refund of Caution Money 

If you have paid and registered on and after the commencement date of programme, there is no refund of all fees, except full refund of Caution Money and also Bond Deposit for international students - upon withdrawal from your programme. 

The University will only refund fees only after you have submitted the “Notification of Withdraw from the University” form to the University.  

 Fee Instalment (For Malaysian Students Only) 

33. Can I pay my student bill by instalment? 
Yes, we provide Fee Instalment Plan to all new Malaysian students for the October 2020 intake for first trimester only. This applies for the foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for both full-time and part-time studies. It will be provided automatically upon offer of admission. 

34. How does the fees instalment plan work? 
There are 3 bills attached with your offer letter. The 1st bill is Full Payment Student Bill that allows you to opt for Full Payment Plan - pay in full amount within the due date stated on the bill, AND the 2nd-3rd bills are 2 Instalment Payment Student Bills that allow you to opt for Instalment Payment Plan and pay within the due date stated on each bill: 

1st tranches - RM409.00 (or RM709.00 for MBBS and TCM Students). Due date of payment is stated on your student bill.
2nd instalment - Balance of fees to be paid before end of week 6 of your programme. 

Note: If you opt to pay by using the Instalment Payment Student Bills, please discard the Full Payment Student Bill or vice versa. 

35. Am I eligible for the fees instalment plan if I am awarded a 100% UTAR Scholarship for Top Achievers? 

Yes, you are eligible. We will be given the Full Payment Student Bill only. 

 Financial Assistance (For Malaysian Students Only) 

36. Does UTAR provide any financial assistance? 

Malaysian student: Yes, you can browse through our financial aid webpage for more information.   

International student: UTAR does not provide any financial assistance to international students at this moment.  

37. Can I apply for admission and student loan at the same time? 

Yes, you can apply through our UTAR Online Application Portal.

38. Can I apply for admission and UTAR scholarship at the same time?  

(a) For UTAR Scholarship for Top Achievers, you will be given the scholarship automatically offered should your actual result fulfils one of the award criteria during your application of admission process.  

(b) For other UTAR scholarships, you can apply the scholarship and admission concurrently. 

 Programme Enquiry 

39. How can I contact the University for programme enquiries? 

You may call/WhatsApp us at education counselling hotlines dedicated for programme and admission enquiries or email us at enquiry@utar.edu.my (Malaysian students) or international@utar.edu.my (International Students).  

You can chat directly with our education consultant now by clicking the image.  

40. Can I visit UTAR campus to enquiry programme and apply for admission?  

Division of Programme Promotion (DPP) office is open to prospective students and parents for programme counselling and application for admission.  

Please schedule your visit by selecting your preferred appointment slot HERE

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Note: The information stated above may be subject to change. Updates will be done when necessary and where relevant.