Best Destinations to Visit in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur (KL) is the capital of Malaysia, the most populous city in the country. KL is recognised for numerous landmarks, namely Petronas Twin Towers, Petaling Street Flea market and The Central Market. For shopping spree, Suria KLCC and Pavilion are the biggest tourist attractions, offering a premium shopping experience to the shoppers.


Penang is a cultural cauldron of tradition and modernity. Its capital, George Town which is accorded in The UNESCO World Heritage listing, retaining the well-preserved heritage buildings by British colonial, Chinese shop house and temple. Globally known as one of the most popular tourist destinations, Penang entices visitor with skyscrapers and shopping malls, beautiful coasts, mouth-watering street food and hawker fare and the trendy street murals in George Town.


The state of Melaka, another UNESCO World Heritage Site which visitor are rarely disappointed with its historical landmarks and delicious delicacies. The Portuguese settlement, A'Famosa Fort, Christ Church and Dutch Heritage trail are the best places which you will not want to miss. The Jonker Street Night Market, where you can find most of the local delicacies such as Satay Celup, Chicken Rice Balls and Nyonya cuisine will surely satisfy your taste bud.

Batu Caves, Selangor

Batu Caves, the most popular religious site in Selangor especially during the annual Hindu festival, Thaipusam. Beside a a steep 272 steps climb up to the temple cave, the statue of The Hindu God, Lord Murugan outside of Batu Caves attracts thousands of  people to Batu Caves during the Thaipusam Festival. Non Hindu also come during Thaipusam to witness the colorful kavadis and its devoted kavadi-beader. The festival last the whole day.


Langkawi, known as "the jewel of Kedah" is tailor-made for adventurous holidays. Famous for its beautiful beaches lined with coconut and casuarina trees, duty-free shopping, evening entertainment such as bars and restaurants.

Pulau Sipadan, Sabah

Pulau Sipadan (Sipadan Island) is one of the most beautiful scuba diving spots in the world, located in the east coast of Sabah. Due to the island formed by living corals, there are many exotic species can be spotted like reef fish, sea turtles and hammerhead sharks. Since 2005, Sipadan has become a protected area and all all lodging and diving restrictions have been enforced in order to help protecting this exceptional marine and land ecosystems.

Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands is one of Malaysia’s largest hill resort, sitting 1500 metres above sea level, located in the state of Pahang. Characterised by a refreshing temperature climate between 10°C to 21°C, it is made up of beautiful tea plantations, strawberry farms, butterfly gardens, flower greenhouses, Victorian looking cosy little cottages and etc. Cameron Highlands is surely an irresistible travel destination.

Mount Kinabalu, Sabah

Mount Kinabalu is the tallest mountain in Malaysia at 4,092.5m above the sea level. It is situated in Kinabalu National Park, 88km (2-3hours drive) from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and is accorded in The UNESCO World Heritage listing. Although climbing the mountain is not easy without any planning but will definitely promise you an unforgettable experience ever. The view from the summit is unparalleled and well worth all the hardships you had to endure during the hike up.