Scholarships and Financial Aid

UTAR was founded as a not-for-profit private university with a mission to provide affordable quality education to everyone. The University offers tuition fee scholarships of up to 100% to help students to pursue their academic dream, without any obligation to repay UTAR. 

Upon successful admission to UTAR, the scholarship will be automatically awarded to all Malaysian students with SPM 5As and above (or O-Level 4As and above) in their examination. UTAR has launched the study grant of RM1,000 for siblings of UTAR students and alumni, as well as children of UTAR alumni.

On top of scholarships, students have the option to apply for 0% interest student loans during admission application process. 

Fee instalments are given to all newly registred Malaysian students without a need to apply. Other external financing options are made available such as PTPTN (at undergraduate degree level), KOJADI Education Loan and more. 

You can access detailed brochures by clicking HERE.

How to finance my studies after SPM flowchart