Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and Counselling is a process of helping people to discover and develop their educational, career, and psychological potentialities and thereby to attain an optimal level of personal happiness and social usefulness. 

The UTAR Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) Guidance and Counselling programme aims to equip students with the comprehensive professional knowledge and skills for managing various psychological issues such as developmental challenges, behavioral difficulties, socioemotional distress and psychological stress from critical events and work. Students will be trained to work towards improving people's psychological well-being and achieving their full potential. 

The Faculty of Arts and Social Science is operating the UTAR Community Counselling Centre all year round. Students have extensive opportunities to observe and assist licensed counsellors and clinical psychologists in managing a wide range of clients.The curriculum of this programme is designed above and beyond the Malaysian Board of Counsellor's Standards and Requirements of Training for Counsellors. The programme aspires to produce highly competent and ethical professional counsellors.

Programme Details:


Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) Guidance and Counselling

Accreditation Status:   

Provisional Accredited - (N/762/6/0049)01/25(MQA/PA9151)


4 years (Full-time) 


January, May, October   

Total Programme Fees:   

RM46,600 (Malaysians)

RM62,600 (International)   

Medium of Instruction:   





Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FAS)  

Career Prospects:

Graduates are expected to register with the Board of Counsellors Malaysia, and can seek employment in education, health, training, sports, welfare support, consultancy and public relations, human resource management and research.