Guided Campus Tour

Join UTAR guided campus tour to find more about the overall study environment, facilities and other amenities that UTAR offers. Feel with your heart what is a university of education excellence can render to you, your children, or students. Our friendly UTARambassadors will bring you on a privileged journey within our Kampar or Sungai Long campus.


Upcoming Event Dates  

Check out our upcoming event dates for Guided Campus Tour at Kampar campus and Sungai Long campus. 

January-March 2020April-June 2020July-September 2020October-December 2020
  • 11 January 
  • 25 April 
  • 11 July
  • 10 October
  • 22 February
  • 9 May
  • 8 August
  • 7 November
  • 28 March 
  • 13 June     
  • 26 September
  • 26 December

Meet Our UTARambassador

UTARambassadors will be bridging interaction and information between UTAR and the public, especially prospective students and parents

Personal & Professional Development

Develop interpersonal & leadership skills

Buildup network & learn from diverse group of UTAR students and staff

Opportunities to be star model for UTAR


Obtain Certificate of Appreciation to enhance resume

Earn extra USSDC point 


For more details, kindly contact:

(1) Mr. Siew Choon Keat, 

05-468 8888 (ext 2522), 

Email: siewck@utar.edu.my

(2) Ms. Michelle Liew Wei San, 

03-9086 0288 (ext 880), 

Email: liewws@utar.edu.my

Registration (Tour Arrangement) 

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