Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Healthcare Management

Healthcare management is the administration and organisation of all aspects of healthcare systems, hospitals and hospital networks. Healthcare manager oversees all the elements of an organisation, including finance, budgeting, human resources, facility management, healthcare service quality, information management and technology. They are professionals who are not directly involved in patient care, but rather work in the business of healthcare by assisting the facility or organisation in running smooth. 

The healthcare management qualification at UTAR offers students vital healthcare and business knowledge and skills for advancing their careers in the healthcare industry. Students will also be exposed to medical and health terminology in order to communicate effectively with healthcare workers, doctors, nurses and patients. 

Medical tourism courses are part of the programme content due to the popularity of medical tourism in Malaysia and around the world.

Programme Details:


Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Healthcare Management

Accreditation Status:   

Provisional Accredited - (N345/6/1144)04/26(MQA/PSA14404)


3 years (Full-time)


January, June, October   

Total Programme Fees:   

RM50,000 (Malaysian)

RM67,500 (International)  

Medium of Instruction:   



Kampar, Perak   


Faculty of Business and Finance (FBF)   

Career Prospects:

  • Emergency Medical Services Administrator
  • Group Practice Executive
  • Healthcare Department Manager
  • Healthcare Finance Manager
  • Health Informatics Professional
  • Home Healthcare Administrator
  • Hospital Executive

  • Managed Care Organisation Administrator
  • Nursing Administrator
  • Quality and Improvement Manager
  • Pharmaceutical Administrator
  • Public Health Planner
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Accounts Manager