How to Become a Professional Architect in Malaysia? 

Architects in Malaysia are required to have a certain level of qualification, which is governed by the Board of Architects Malaysia, or Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM). It is known as LAM Parts I, II, and III.

The LAM-accredited UTAR Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Architecture and Master of Architecture degree programmes exempt graduates from the LAM Part I and LAM Part II exams respectively. To be qualified as a Professional Architect in Malaysia, you must work as an architect for at least two years after graduating from these programmes and have completed all of the project requirements set by LAM before submitting an evaluation report and passing the LAM Part III examination.

How to become a professional architect in Malaysia

NOTE: Please keep in mind that this is merely a suggested path for your reference. The professional organisation may, at any time, amend the examination and membership requirements as judged necessary. As a result, it's necessary to double-check the present path with UTAR officials or the professional body before enrolling.