Programme Structure: Bachelor of Science (Honours) Actuarial Science

Year 1

Basic Mathematics​
Calculus I​
Calculus II​
Financial Accounting I
Financial Accounting II​
MPU 1* 
National Language / Other Language​
Probability and Statistic I 
Probability and Statistic I​I
Programming Techniques for Data Processing​ 
Theory of Interest

Year 2

AS Elective Group I 
AS Elective Group III 
Financial Economics I​
Industrial Training​
Introduction to Risk
 Management and Insurance​
Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics​
Macroeconomics I​
Microeconomics I​

Year 3

AS Elective Group I 

AS Elective Group III 

AS Elective Group IV​
AS Elective Project 
MPU 1**
Sociology in Malaysian Context​
Sun Zi’s Art of War and Business Strategies​

AS Elective Group I (Choose 8 course(s))

Actuarial Mathematics
Advanced Database Systems​

Applied Nonparametric
Applied Regression Analysis​
Credibility Theory​
Database System
Financial Economics II​
Introduction to Ratemaking and Reserving​
Loss Models​
Mathematical Statistics 
Microeconomics II​
Operations Research I 
Predictive Modelling 
Statistical Decisions 
Statistical Simulation for Insurance and Finance​
Stochastic Processes​ 
Time Series Analysis 

AS Elective Group III (Choose 1 course)

  • Business Finance 
  • Financial Statement Analysis 
  • Islamic Finance 
  • Portfolio Management 

AS Elective Group IV (Choose 3 course(s))

  • Academic Writing 
  • Applications of Artificial Intelligence​
  • Automation in the 4th Industrial Revolution​
  • Basic Professional Writing 
  • Communication in Interpersonal Relationship​
  • Confucianism and Modern Society​
  • Creative Thinking and Idea Generation​
  • Critical Reading and Thinking
  • Cross Cultural Management​ 
  • Cross-Cultural Interactive Communication 
  • Digital Economy​
  • Electronic Commerce​
  • Experiential Research Skills (ERS)​
  • Oral Communication and Interpersonal Skills 
  • Principles of International Business​
  • Property Market Analysis​
  • Public Speaking and Oral Presentation 
  • Understanding Politics: State, Nation and Government​

AS Elective Project 
(Choose 2 course(s))

  • Actuarial Expository Project​
  • Actuarial Modelling​
  • Case Study on Insurance Practice​
  • Project I​
  • Project I​I 

MPU 1* (Choose 1 course)

Penhayatan Etika dan Peradaban - For Local Students
Philosophy and Current Issues - For International Students

MPU 1** (Choose 1 course)

Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 - For International Students
Falsafah dan Isu Semasa- For Local Students

National Language/Other Language (Choose 1 course)

  • Bahasa Kebangsaan (A) - For Malaysian only, without SPM-BM credit
  • Communication Tamil For Health Sciences
  • Introduction to French
  • Introduction to German Language
  • Introduction to Japanese
  • Introduction to Korean
  • Introduction to Tamil Language
  • Introduction to Thai Language
Co-Curriculum (Choose 1 course)
  • Art, Craft, and Design
  • Arts and Cultural Performance
  • Business Plan Writing and Preparation​
  • Community Project​
  • Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving​
  • Language, Culture and Social Study Abroad​
  • Leadership and Teambuilding
  • Management of Sports Activity
  • Managing Personal Finance​
  • Music Performance​
  • Social Entrepreneurship Project
  • Study Soft Skills and/or Life Skills Abroad
  • Team Work and Collaborative Project
  • Work Ethics and EQ​
Please note that this is an indicative list of courses for general reference only. The programme structure and course sequence plan may be subject to change without notice. It is therefore important to check with UTAR staff on the current programme structure at the time of enrollment. For existing UTAR students, kindly refer to UTAR portal.