Fee Instalment Plan for New Students

January 2021 Intake 

UTAR provides UTAR Fee Instalment Plan to all new Malaysian students in the January 2021 Trimester Intake. This applies to the foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for both full-time and part-time studies. We hope that above financial assistance will lessen the financial burden of the students and their families who are affected by the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic.  

1. This fee instalment plan only applies to the payment of fees stated in the Student Bill of the January 2021 Trimester only.

2. The instalments are limited to the following tranches:

  • 1st tranche - RM1,209 (RM2,109 for TCM degree programme), all Other Fees* to be paid by the due date as stated on the Student Bill;
  • 2nd tranche - 50% of the Tuition Fees to be paid by week 4 of the Programme (14 February 2021); and, 
  • 3rd tranche -  50% of the Tuition Fees to be paid by week 10 of the Programme (28 March 2021).
*Other Fees include Registration Fees, Examination & Facility Fee, Resource Centre Fee, Activity & Service Fee, Insurance Premium, and Caution Money (Refundable).

3.  The students are given two different payment plans to select, i.e. (i)  Full Payment Plan of which the student selects to pay in full amount according to the Full Payment Student Bill, OR (ii) Fee Instalment Plan of which the student selects to pay in 3 instalments according to the 3 Instalment Payment Student Bills with different payment due dates which are stated in the student bill(s).