Postgraduate Programmes

why study a postgraduate degree

Welcome to the postgraduate programme page!

Setting yourself apart from the crowd can be challenging in today’s competitive job market.  Becoming proficient in your profession and staying on top of market trends will therefore position you competitively within your line of business.  

At UTAR, we understand that different people have different needs and have designed 3 types of postgraduate study mode, namely

  • Masters by Coursework  (involve the study of a specific set of core courses, a selection of electives and prepare a project) 
  • Masters by Mixed Mode (involve the study of a few key core courses, research methodology course(s) and prepare a dissertation)
  • Masters by Research (involve research methodology course(s) and prepare a dissertation) 
  • Doctors of Philosophy (similar to the Masters of Research but undertake the research at the advanced level) 

Note: If you are interested in the research degree programmes (Masters by Research/Doctors of Philosophy), you may need to start to think what your research project or topic that align with your interest, qualification and experience. Once you have an idea of a possible research area, please contact the relevant Head of Programme for further details about potential supervisor of your research topic (subject to the availability of potential supervisor within UTAR). 

Please click on the postgraduate programme to find out more: 

Masters by Coursework

Masters by Mixed Mode

Masters by Research

Doctors of Philosophy (PhDs)

For some programmes, UTAR has cooperated with dual-awarded partner universities in Germany and Taiwan for Dual Degree Award Programmes. Postgraduate students will have the option to participate in this arrangement in order to get international experience and earn a second degree.

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