Foundation Programmes

Why study Foundation Programmes? 

The Foundation Programmes is a one-year pre-university qualification designed to prepare SPM students and O-Levels equivalents for the undergraduate studies at UTAR. 

There are various courses (subjects) that will enhance your academic knowledge, expose you to the latest developments in the respective areas of studies and foster your critical thinking skills. Simultaneously, it also sharpens students' presentation skills and English language professionally. 

What are the advantages of pursuing a Foundation programme?

  • You will learn the courses that are related to the undergraduate programme of your choice at UTAR.
  • It offers the shortest for you to progress into the undergraduate programme within 1 year. With the flexible programme structure, you may complete your Foundation programme to your desired pace of up to 2 years. 
  • The assessment is more variety which usually a combination of coursework, continuous assessment, project and final examination (but the assessment methods and weighting are different from course to course). 
  • Foundation students can experience the campus learning environment before your undergraduate programme. 
  • There are three intakes in a year, i.e. January, May/June and September/October. You can decide to enrol to the intake when you are ready to start your education journey at UTAR. 

Is this Programme for me?  

You should consider the Foundation programme if you already know the field of undergraduate study. The Foundation programme will provide you with solid knowledge and learning skills essential to meet the challenges of your preferred degree.  

However, we design the Foundation programmes so that most skills are transferable to other fields of study. This will keep your option open and gain entry into other degree programmes (subject to meeting the programme entry requirements).  This open option is important as many SPM and O-level students can only confirm or change their choice after they have completed their Foundation programmes.  

How many types of Foundation Programmes and how it leads to UTAR degree programmes?

There are 2 Foundation programmes, available at both the Kampar Campus and Sungai Long Campus.

(a) Foundation in Science (New Programme Structure), which consists of core courses and elective courses in:

  • Biological Science stream
  • Physical Science stream (either Engineering Science or Technological Science)

(b) Foundation in Arts, which consists core courses and elective courses in:
  • Management and Accountancy stream or 
  • Arts and Social Science stream (further breakdown to 3 subcategories, i.e. 'Art and Design', 'Chinese Studies' and 'Social Science')

Upon successful completion of the Foundation programme, you proceed to the corresponding undergraduate programme of your choice. Note: Some undergraduate programmes have certain CGPA requirement such as for MBBS, Dietetics, Finance and others. 

After SPM or O-Level to Foundation in Science

Pathway after SPM or O-Level to Foundation in Arts