Recognised Qualifications

At UTAR, you can be confident that you will graduate with a recognised qualification! 

All of our programmes have been approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), and the most of of them have received full accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). We ensure the quality of our programmes by collaborating effectively with our external examiners, industry leaders, and relevant professional bodies.

We welcome all qualified applicants, regardless of race, gender, or nationality, to apply for admission. Students who meet the academic and English language requirements are eligible to apply. These requirements may vary depending on the programme and level of study, and they are subject to the most recent requirements established set by the MOHE, MQA, and related Professional Bodies. For admission details, please refer to Entry Qualifications and English Language Requirements

UTAR Programme Recognition

Check the status of MQA Accreditation and JPA Recognition of UTAR Programmes.

Check the recognition and accreditation by the Professional Bodies.

Check the listing of UTAR Programmes in the Malaysian Qualifications Register (MQR).