Student and Alumni Testimonials

Malaysian Students

Jacelyn Kee 
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English Language

UTAR is one of the few universities that offer a degree in what I'm passionate about, English. With a great study environment and supportive staff, UTAR is my choice.  

Kenneth Tan 
Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) 

UTAR, my choice. No words can resonate as strongly as my decision for enrolling in UTAR. You won’t just learn new things, but you will laugh, will cry, will help, and be helped. In short. UTAR made you feel at home. Hopefully, it will be your choice too.  

Christopher Yau 
Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) Communication and Networking 

UTAR not only has high standards for education with degrees widely recognised due to their academic credibility. They also equip their students well with Soft skills needed in industry and society. Making UTAR graduates highly sought after in the industry.  

Chee Sung Lek 
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Chinese Studies

UTAR teaches me a lot especially about the development of my personality. My four years at UTAR were great and it gave me many wonderful memories. Proudly, I say UTAR is MY CHOICE!

Soo Wee Meng 
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Food Science  

I have many dreams and they are hard to achieve as they are hanging so high which I can even barely touch them. However, UTAR has provided me a staircase to climb high and achieve my dreams. I’m so grateful.  

Foo Yue Yan 
Bachelor of Engineering and Green Technology (Honours) Electronic Engineering  

UTAR is a place for challenges and never-ending improvements. Studying here keeps us striving for the best and to never settle for mediocre.  

Hoo Jia Wen Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Honours)  

Alvin Toffler once said, the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. I always believe that everything is impermanent except for the knowledge we learned. It's never too late to learn and to join us in UTAR.  

Tan Chin Wei 
Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Honours)  

There are some things you can't experience or learn in any other universities, except for one, which is the life of a UTARian.  

Yeak Yi Xuan 

UTAR MBBS has inspired me to give my best in both studies and extracurricular in order to be a competent future doctor and hopefully leader, to provide great impact to our future generation in Malaysia Heath Care System.  

Vivian Lim Wei Wen 
Bachelor of Accounting 

I gain my happiness, knowledge, skills, and future success in UTAR. I’m grateful for all the support from my lecturers and faculty staff in making my future brighter.  

Ganesan A/L Meganathan 
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Civil Engineering  

In Malaysia, UTAR is one of the few Universities that not only elevates student hard skills but also emphasises on soft skills. Besides, UTAR provides financial aid, through which students have the opportunity to realize their dreams and achieve success in the futures. That's why “UTAR MY CHOICE”.  

Chan Jing Chean 
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Game Design 

UTAR has been an astonishing tertiary institution with a well-crafted syllabus for creative studies. The competitive environment pushes you to improve constantly so that you are industrious enough to compete in society when you’ve officially graduated.  
International Students

Armand Ross Ocampo Soriano, Philippines 
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Biomedical Engineering  

UTAR has truly been one of the most fun and challenging experience of my life. I learned many valuable lessons during my journey and it prepared me better for the real world.  

Asif Riaz Khan, Pakistan 

Master of Science (Computer Science)  

UTAR offers innovative research work towards software processes and development currently adopted in the IT industry. UTAR also provides an excellent environment regarding research, teachers are with excellent domain knowledge, and labs used the latest software and tools which help in my research work for data analysis and compiling.  

Dareen Kusuma Halim, Indonesia 

Master of Engineering Science  

UTAR has introduced me to a great research environment populated by students, lecturers, and staffs with a never-ending thirst for knowledge, paired with strong industrial collaborations.  

Dr. Edmund Lawrence Kimaro, Tanzania
Doctor of Philosophy 

UTAR is endowed with professional and qualified researchers, friendly infrastructures, and an attracting academic environment. It is full of brilliant people with the ability to impart knowledge and skills now and then. From UTAR I have enriched not only research skills but also the culture of team-working and high degrees of accountability.  

Laya Mohammed Ahmed Al-Hilfi, Iraq 
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Electrical and Electronic Engineering  

Long before joining UTAR I studied Japanese language and always hoped to Visit Japan, UTAR helped me realize this wish. Besides that, UTAR taught me to be independent and self-reliant.  

Tang Yun Yun, China 
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) 
(The first Meizhou Scholarship holder graduate) 

I am honored to finish my study at UTAR. It has beautiful campus, it has abundant equipment and facilities, and excellent teaching conditions. UTAR has taught me a lot in these three years. My hope is to see UTAR continuously improving. 

Outstanding Alumni

  Mr. Quek Shio Chuan
Film Director

Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Broadcasting

  Mr. West Wong
Human Calculator

             Bachelor of Science (Hons)               Actuarial Science

  Ms. Karen Kong Chen Tshe

     Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)       Accounting