Student and Alumni Testimonials

International Students

  Mr. Gong, Xu Jun

Bachelor of Science (Honours)
Construction Management

  Ms. Septriyan Orpina

Master of Psychology (Industrial and Organisational Psychology)

  Ms. Irene Scarlet

     Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Environmental) with Honours

Dai Siqi, China
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Graphic Design and Multimedia

I enjoy my university life here. I am grateful to UTAR for constantly encouraging and developing my confidence and ability to excel under the guidance of professional educators and in a great learning environment.

Lu Yu, China
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Biochemistry

UTAR offers students an endless creative environment. A place where I can bring my ideas to life.

Zoya Shahab, Pakistan
Bachelor of Media and Creative Studies (Honours)

UTAR helps me to improve my resilience and communication skills. My programme of study, which includes creative and business communication as well as content development, allow me to put my interests into practice and shape who I am.

Ye Weixiu, China
Bachelor of Finance (Honours)

UTAR provides students with a high-quality education. We learned a lot during our studies and that knowledge will be very useful in the future.

Kevin Komora Ndumari, Kenya
Bachelor of Communication (Honours) Journalism

It's great to attend a prestigious university that promotes academic excellence as well as soft skills. I'm confident I'll succeed thanks to the experienced academics and staff.

Amaana Mohamed, Sri Lanka
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Biochemistry

UTAR is a great place to further your education. The University provides a welcoming learning environment as well as high-quality education. UTAR has been extremely supportive since I enrolled here.

Osama Nasir Agib Elshikh, Sudan
Bachelor of  Mechatronics Engineering with Honours

UTAR is a place where learning is fun.Because of the conducive learning environment and friendly lecturers, I enjoyed studying at UTAR!

Ruan Yulu, China
Bachelor of Communication (Honours) Public Relations

UTAR assists students in developing leadership skills, independence, and a strong foundation. To make students more competitive, the University emphasises a balance of academic achievement and soft skills.

Wang Jingyi, China 
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Logistics and International Shipping

UTAR provides soft skills training to nurture students into well-rounded individuals. I like the excellent learning environment and the friendliness of everyone at the University. UTAR, our choice!

Malaysian Students

Caroline Ong Siew Kee
Bachelor of Economics (Honours) Global Economics

I value the ways in which UTAR lecturers assist me academically and personally. They are always available and eager to help me with any issues that arise during my time at university.

Chin Kah Shen
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Quantity Surveying 

I appreciate what my professors have done for me, such as advising me on assignment issues or providing me with feedback.

Chong Chee Win 
Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours

Excellent professors and a pleasant environment. Through it all, UTAR has improved my character. I have no regrets for joining UTAR.  

Kavvinia A/P Ganasan 
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Graphic Design and Multimedia

UTAR helps students improve their knowledge, skills, poise, perseverance, and confidence while also enriching their university experience. Being a UTAR student has been a fantastic experience for me.

Nicholas Chong Hoe Hin 
Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering with Honours

Studying at UTAR has allowed me to create meaningful relationships not only with my fellow students but also with my lecturers! 

Sam Yuk Siong 
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours)

Lecturers and staff at UTAR are like my parents; they gave me warmth, educated me, and helped me become a confident and good person. I love UTAR.

Wong Jia Yan
Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)

If you're looking for an affordable education with a high standard of quality, UTAR is without a doubt your best option! UTAR believes that a good education should include both academic and emotional development. 

Loo Yi Min
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Chinese Studies

UTAR offers a wide range of easily accessible learning materials. Furthermore, the lecturers at UTAR are friendly and helpful, and I am grateful to be a part of the UTAR big family.

Tan Jing Jie 
Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)

UTAR is an excellent university for all students. UTAR provides a broad variety of programmes, affordable tuition fees, and a multitude of scholarships, loans, and other forms of financial aid. UTAR, my choice!

Choong Hui Ying 
Bachelor of Communication (Honours) Advertising

I have no regrets about pursuing my studies at UTAR. The University hosts a variety of events and groups that allow us to broaden our knowledge and experience beyond our academic studies while also meeting new people from various backgrounds. Thank you so much, UTAR!

Liew Hao Yuan  
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Dietetics

If you're looking for a university with a vibrant student life, UTAR should be at the top of your list! Aside from excellent academic standards, the best part of university life is hanging out with people who share similar goals and interests. There are numerous options for going on a road trip with your friends at UTAR. Don't miss the UTAR Agriculture Park, one of the most Instagrammable spots at UTAR!

Teh Jingmin
Bachelor of Finance (Honours)

As a final-year UTAR student, I'd like to thanks UTAR for moulding and making me into the person I am today. I am grateful for the opportunities provided by the University to improve my hard and soft skills, such as the four-month Student Exchange at National Taiwan University (NTU) in 2019. I had a fantastic time at UTAR and will remember it fondly.

Hang Zhong Yu 
Bachelor of Science (Honours) Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health

UTAR is the best place for me to further my studies. The campus is beautiful, and there are numerous student amenities. Students can enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds the campus, making it a peaceful and distraction-free environment.

Outstanding Alumni

  Mr. Quek Shio Chuan
Film Director

Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Broadcasting

  Mr. West Wong
Human Calculator

             Bachelor of Science (Hons)               Actuarial Science

  Ms. Karen Kong Chen Tshe

     Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Accounting