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2022 2021 I 2020

Business and Social Science   l   Chinese Studies 中文系   l  Creative and Communication  l  Engineering and Construction   I            
Career Guidance and Soft Skills  l   International Student Admission

Business and Social Science

  • Risk Management for a Post Covid-19 Future     YouTube 优酷 
  • New Programme Preview: Bachelor of Public Administration (Honours)    YouTube  优酷 
  • New Programme Preview: Bachelor of Administration (Honours) Healthcare Management     YouTube  优酷 
  • A Rewarding Field: Building and Property Management     YouTube  优酷 
  • Psychology: Why Study "Common Sense"?     YouTube  优酷 
  • The Future of Risk Management in The Digital Era      YouTube  优酷 
  • The Demands on Risk Management as A Career Prospect     YouTube  优酷 
  • 简谈传播学分支: 公关系及新闻系     YouTube  优酷 
  • New Programme Preview: Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Logistics and Supply Chain Management     YouTube  优酷 
  • New Programme Preview: Bachelor of Administration (Honours) Risk Management     YouTube  优酷 
  • Mind Vaccine: How to Vaccinate Ourselves Psychologically in Times of Uncertainty     YouTube  优酷 
  • 从经济系到摄影界     YouTube  优酷 
  • The Rise of Mobile Journalism in New Norm     YouTube  优酷 
  • What is Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)? How to Get It?     YouTube  优酷 
  • The Miracle of COVID-19 and Impact on Business Transformation     YouTube  优酷 
  • Effect of COVID-19: Malaysian Economic Perspective 2021     YouTube      优酷 
  • The Changing Global Economic Landscape with COVID-19     YouTube      优酷 

Chinese Studies 中文系

Creative and Communication

Engineering and Construction

  • Enhancing Electronics Graduate Employability and Career Growth through Work-based Learning Approach     YouTube
  • How to Become a Professional Engineer     YouTube  优酷 
  • IoT in Manufacturing Transformation     YouTube  优酷 
  • What Can You Do with An Architecture Degree?     YouTube  优酷 

Health Sciences and Medicine

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Information Technology: Transforming People and Organisations     YouTube 优酷 
  • The Role of IT in the Pandemic of COVID-19     YouTube 优酷 
  • Digital Business Technology Job Opportunities in Malaysia     YouTube 优酷 
  • How To Start Your Career in VR and Game Technology     YouTube 优酷 
  • Using Information Technology to Manage the COVID-19 Pandemic     YouTube


  • Mathematics: From Abstract to Applications      YouTube 优酷 
  • Vaccine and Immunisation: Battle Against Infectious Disease      YouTube     优酷 
  • Get Yourself Ready to Big Data for Industry 4.0     YouTube     优酷 
  • Introduction of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles and Its Application in Daily Life      YouTube 优酷

Postgraduate Studies
  • The Value of a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering     YouTube 优酷 
  • The Strength of Postgraduate Programme by Research Mode     YouTube 优酷 
  • Programme Preview: Master of Engineering (Electronic Systems) and Alumni Sharing     YouTube 优酷 
  • Why UTAR Postgraduate Programme?     YouTube 优酷 
  • Programme Preview: Master of Project Management and Master of Architecture     YouTube
  • Programme Preview: MBAs and MRED     YouTube 优酷 
  • Programme Preview: Master of Engineering (Electrical) and Master of Engineering (Mechanical)     YouTube   优酷 
  • Programme Preview: Master of Engineering (Electronic Systems), Master of Environmental Technology and Master of Sustainable Construction Management      
    YouTube  优酷
  • The Most Interesting About Master Programmes: Research Mode     YouTube    优酷

Student and Alumni Sharing

  • Alumni Sharing Series: Constructing Your First Minecraft YouTube   优酷
  • Student Journey Series: Studying International Business at UTAR YouTube    优酷
  • Student Journey Series: My Physiotherapy Student's Experience YouTube    优酷
  • Alumni Sharing Series: Nothing is Difficult if You Learn to Endure YouTube    优酷
  • Alumni Sharing Series: Write Your Own Story YouTube    优酷
  • Alumni Sharing Series: The Prospects of Environmental Technology in Current Industry YouTube    优酷
  • Alumni Sharing Series: My Path to Become a Clinical Psychologist as a Psychology Student YouTube    优酷
  • Alumni Sharing Series: Graduation is The Beginning of a New Journey    YouTube    优酷
  • Alumni Sharing Series: What Does An Environmental Engineer Do?     YouTube    优酷
  • Alumni Sharing Series: Perseverance, Key to Success    YouTube     优酷
  • Alumni Sharing Series: An Outlook on Petrochemical Engineering     YouTube    优酷
  • Alumni Sharing Series: Electronic Engineering, Right Choice?     YouTube     优酷
  • Alumni Sharing Series: Everyone is Human Calculator, Use It or Lose It     YouTube     优酷
  • Alumni Sharing Series: Think Ahead, Be Ready     YouTube      优酷
  • Alumni Sharing Series: PASSION, The Thing I Do at Work     YouTube    优酷
  • Alumni Sharing Series: Master of Psychology (IO Psychology)     YouTube      优酷
  • Student Journey Series: East Malaysia Students Sharing     YouTube      优酷
  • Student Journey Series: My Journey as A Broadcasting Student     YouTube      优酷
  • Student Journey Series: My Journey as A Psychology Student     YouTube     优酷
  • Student Journey Series: My Journey as An Actuarial Science Student     YouTube         优酷
  • Student Journey Series: My Journey as An Accounting Student     YouTube      优酷
  • Student Journey Series: My Journey as A Logistics and International Shipping Student     YouTube     优酷
  • Student Journey Series: My Journey as A Construction Management Student     YouTube 优酷      
  • Alumni Sharing Series: MBA (Corporate Management)     YouTube 优酷 

Career Guidance and Soft Skills

  • Online Learning Mode: A Student's Path Forward in Uncertain Times     YouTube    优酷 
  • Introduction to Types of Recognised English Tests by UTAR     YouTube      优酷 
  • Career Exploration and Assessment Workshop     YouTube       优酷
  • Your Pathway After SPM/O-Level     YouTube       优酷 
  • SPM/O-Level 后的升学的前路     YouTube       优酷 
  • What Do You Want? Path to Business/Arts Related Programme     YouTube      优酷 
  • 拉曼大学升学管道 UEC生线上交流会     YouTube 优酷 

International Student Admission

  • Begin Your University Life with UTAR     YouTube     
  • Study in Malaysia at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)    YouTube      优酷 
  • Should I Pursue a Postgraduate Degree?     YouTube  
  • 留学马来西亚拉曼大学分享会     YouTube
  • My Journey as An International Student in Malaysia     YouTube      优酷