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University with Global Recognition

UTAR is ranked among the top 600 universities globally and top 2 university in Malaysia by the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2020. We are ranked 111-120th in THE Asia Pacific University Rankings 2019. The University ranked #=188 in QS Asia University Ranking 2019, and ranked in 2 board subjects areas, namely Business & Management, and Engineering: Electrical & Electronic.

Quality Qualification

All our academic programmes are approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia. Our industry advisors provide advice to ensure that our programmes are updated to meet global demands, and external examiners are engaged for international benchmarking.

Compulsory Industrial Training

UTAR is one of the few universities where the industrial training is made compulsory for all undergraduate students, for them to relate their classroom learning to the real world.

Dynamic Curriculum

Our programme curriculum are constantly updated to ensure students are exposed to the latest technologies. Subjects related to Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) include data analytics, virtual reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, data science, IT, business analytics, digital technology, e-commerce etc have been taught across all related fields.

Big Data and Data Analytics

UTAR is the first Malaysian university to join the Cloudera Academic Partnership which we empower students with Big Data Analytics (BDA) skill sets. UTAR is also the first overseas university collaborating with Alibaba.com and the first working with China’s top big data company, Jusfoun Big Data (九次方大数据), in offering elective courses on big data and data analytics.

Explore the World Programme

UTAR has formal collaboration with more than 330 university and industry partners from 27 countries to give you access to local and global networking opportunities. You can participate in our collaborative activities with over 200 partner universities such as student exchanges, study tours, research projects, seminars, conferences and symposia.

Soft Skills Development Certificate (USSDC)

We go beyond just imparting knowledge but to encourage you to take part in extracurricular activities. The USSDC is a certification system which recognises your efforts to improve yourself in the areas of soft skills. The programme involves you in various experiential learning in a series of interactive activities that you learn/apply your soft skills and at the same time acquire merit points.

Undergraduate Research Scheme (URS)

We cultivate a strong culture for research among academic staff and students. Undergraduate students are explored to research projects at early stage of learning through a structured URS. You will undergo an 8 hours of research training workshops and opportunity to attach to a research project attachment.

WE CARE, WE ACT Community Project

We encourage you to participate in volunteer services for the community. Through volunteerism work, you learn to better understand the communities around them and gain meaningful experience to nurture humility and compassion. You will mingle, interact and work with the nearby communities, while developing your leadership and communication skills as well as creativity and resourcefulness in solving problems.

Student Entrepreneurship

You have opportunities to participate in Flea Market, attend Entrepreneurship Talk Series or entrepreneurship-related seminars and workshops, immerse in e-commerce project under UTAR-Alibaba.com collaboration. You can put your innovative and practical ideas into action by forming a business entity and apply funding through our Unovative Centre. 

Explore the World

UTAR Undergraduate Research Scheme (URS)

Community Project

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