Bachelor of Science (Honours) Architecture

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) Architecture provides students with a strong foundation which equips them well to work in a semi-professional capacity in architecture or related fields in the building industry.  

The programme has been designed with the objectives of providing sound knowledge an architectural design and building construction, architectural detailing, transferable skills in presentations and IT, as well as the development of analytical and creative thinking.

Students learn about basic design, theory, manual and computer-aided drawing in the First year. 

The Second year programme introduces them to small scaled buildings, building science and services, building construction and technology. 

The Third year emphasizes on more complex, mid-rise building development, which integrates environmental sciences, structure, building services, construction and theory into the studio projects.  

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) Architecture programme is a recognized first tier of the two-tiers professional architecture education, complying to the Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM) Part I requirements. Students who complete this first-tier undergraduate programme can pursue the second-tier - Masters in Architecture (LAM Part II) degree to complete the five-year professional architecture training

Programme Details:


Bachelor of Science (Honours) Architecture

Accreditation Status:   

Fully accredited   


3 years (Full-time)


January, May

Total Programme Fees:   

RM45,050 (Malaysian)

RM60,800 (International)  

Medium of Instruction:   



Sungai Long   


Lee Kong Chian Faculty of Engineering and Science (LKCFES)

Programme Highlights:

Student Centered Learning

The programme emphasizes on the balance between theories and hands-on experiences. Through design studios and other integrated projects, students are involved in wide-range learning experiences where each individual is encouraged to develop his/her own creativity in finding solution to problem.

Good Facilities and Resources

Our architecture studio spaces are conducive with allocation of minimum individual working space of 2.5sqm. each with a drafting table and storage facilities. The programme is supported with a well-resourced library and online resources. The wet and dry workshops are equipped with sufficient equipment and qualified assistants.

Well Balanced Academic Team

The programme comprises of a good mix of professional architects as well as academic researchers ensuring the sound integration of fundamental theoretical knowledge with up-to-date industry know-hows.

Well-Proportioned Ratios of Lecturers to Students

The LAM guideline of staff to student ratio of 1:15 in design studios are strictly adhered to, while for other studio based subjects such as Drawing I and II, a ratio of 1:20 is applied.

Site Visitations

Architectural study tours and field excursions are held every trimester enabling students to visit various significant buildings and sites in Malaysia and overseas. Our students have visited Sri Lanka, Bali, Cambodia, Guilin, Yunnan, Myanmar, Singapore and Taiwan besides many local notable locations in Malaysia.

Career Prospects:

  • Assistant Architect
  • Project Administrator
  • Architecture Designer
  • Project Developer

Professional Recognition/Accreditation:

The UTAR Bachelor of Science (Honours) Architecture is recognised by the following organisations.