Study Mode FAQ for September/October 2021 Intake

Last update on 4 August 2021 

1. When my classes start?

ProgrammeStart Date 
Foundation 11 October 2021 
Undergraduate (Except for MBBS)18 October 2021
MBBS27 September 2021
Postgraduate (Except for Master of Architecture)13 September 2021
Master of Architecture18 October 2021

2. When is my orientation?

The orientation programmes will be conducted in hybrid mode.

Freshmen may choose:

a) to join the physical Orientation programmes on-campus from 10 October 2021 onwards. [Note: The physical orientation arrangement may change subject to the latest updates / announcement from the relevant authorities such as MOHE/MKN/KKM]. OR

b) to attend this programme fully online by accessing the UTAR e-Orientation website HERE for the essential materials and live streaming of the main orientation programmes. You are not required to report physically on campus for the Registration Day on 10 October 2021. 

If you need any assistance, please email to Department of Student Affairs at or call hotlines: 016-2100864 (Kampar campus) or 016-2100862 (Sg. Long Campus) 

3. What is the study mode?

The Blended Learning method consisting of a combination of physical and online teaching and learning (OTL) classes shall be conducted in the coming trimester. Students will have a choice to: 

(a) Return to campus with blended learning, i.e. some classes are done physically and some online, OR 

(b) Continue with online teaching and learning (OTL).

4. Which classes are done physically or online?

All lecture classes will be conducted ONLINE only. Practical and tutorial classes are available in EITHER ONLINE OR PHYSICAL*. 

For Practical and Tutorial classes: Faculty / Institute / Centre will arrange the practical groups to be conducted in both OTL mode and physical mode (subjected to the availability of the capacity) according to the course planning. 

Students will have the choice to choose for either the OTL or physical group provided: 

I. For student who choose for physical mode need to return to campus. 

II. For student who choose OTL mode will continue to study remotely. 

However, please take note in the event that there is change of the situation and subject to the instructions by the relevant authorities, the physical classes planned may be converted to OTL mode in due course.

**There are some courses (subjects) with compulsory physical practical sessions or tutorials required by the professional body or faculty. In this case, you need to return to campus for these courses. Please refer to the list of compulsory courses in Table A3 (page 6) of our latest announcement on 3 AUGUST 2021 HERE

***Table A4 shows the list of courses that are 100% fully conducted via OTL. If ALL your registered courses for October 2021 Trimesters are conducted via OTL mode only, then you need not opt to “Return to campus” unless you wish to use the campus facilities. HERE

****If you are NOT able to return to campus and would like to attend the practical class via OTL mode instead of physical mode, you can apply to your respective Faculty Dean / Centre Director for approval. Please find your faculty contact HERE 

5. Should I return to campus if all my courses are delivered through online?

You are not required to return to campus should the courses in your programme are conducted fully online.

However, you may return to campus to use our campus facilities subject to you are one of the student groups as explained in no. 8, and following the SOP strictly within the campus at all times. 

6. How should I inform University of my preferred choice of study mode? (New intake students)

Upon payment of the student bill , you can access to UTAR Admission Status Application System to confirm your study mode and subsequently obtain your course timetable via this link (process to the "Confirmation of Academic Study Mode" tab on the left hand side).

It is IMPORTANT that you contact your Faculty General Office if you have any query with regards to your study mode and course timetable. Please find your faculty contact HERE.

7. How should I inform University of my preferred choice of study mode? (Existing students)

All existing students of Foundation and Undergraduate Programmes shall complete the Course Pre-registration and Confirmation of Academic Study Mode online at,  starting from 26 August 2021 according to the staggered schedule as follows: 

(i) Foundation Programmes: 13 September 2021 to 15 September 2021 

(ii) Undergraduate Programmes: 26 August 2021 to 10 September 2021 

Please refer to the guideline in Table C1 for the details of the staggered timetable allocated to the programmes of Faculty / Institute / Centre for October 2021 Trimester. HERE

It is IMPORTANT that you contact your Faculty General Office if you have any query with regards to your study mode and course timetable.

8. Which are the groups of students can return to campus due to the need to fulfil special requirements (“pelajar yang berkeperluan”)? 

(a) Students who have registered for courses that require access to laboratory/practical training/clinical work/studio/special equipment or with special requirement from the professional bodies /faculties, OR

(b) Students who need to use campus facilities for more conducive online learning experience such as to have access to learning space, library and internet access, OR

(c) Students who sit for MUET/International/External/Professional Examination, OR

(d) Students who have special needs (OKU), OR

(e) According to the Malaysian Immigration Department's circular, international students from an additional 21 countries, in addition to the initial four (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan), are restricted from applying for New student applications at an IPS. The restriction is subject to change based on the Malaysian Government's decision.

9. How will the examination be conducted?

Remote Examination will be implemented including Continuous Assessments (i.e., tests and assignments) and Final Assessments (i.e., time-restricted open-ended assessments and online examinations)

10. Where can I get the latest guidelines for students returning to campus?

For students who are returning to campus, please follow the latest guidelines as posted at COVID-19 News and Announcements website to facilitate smooth and safe return to campus. Your safety and well-being is important to us!


The conduct of all essential physical hands-on classes and activities in the campuses or the use of campus infrastructures and facilities, will follow all the health and safety SOPs as per MOHE and the relevant authorities, as well as the physical distancing SOPs issued by the University. 

Any changes/updates to the above arrangements will be announced from time to time, in accordance to the latest directives from MOHE, professional bodies and relevant authorities. 

Please refer to COVID-19 News and Announcements website from time to time to keep yourself updated.